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First, you look fantastic in the outfit! Secondly, I adore the necklace! I was thinking of taking apart a necklace I bought at fashion bug (floral) and mixing it up! Now I'm totally inspired!!

Amy F.

Adorable, Dawn! I love the neckline.

(And I'm not even going to mention how much weight I've gained. I'm still using baby #4 as an excuse... nevermind that he is almost 2.)


Thanks for the comments, Amy and Robin! I love feedback. Especially when it's positive. Robin - ooh, do take apart the Fashion Bug necklace and build something fun. I went to the coolest bead store in New Hampshire...the town where Colby-Sawyer is. Long way to go for a bead though.


Looking fantastic, D!! I love your blog :) xoxo Katherine

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