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Judith Rasband

These women represent such a small part of the population that are actually shaped like this.

Another disturbing trend we've noticed a lot of in advertisements is women posed knock-kneed and pigeon-toed. (Example in the link) Women are looking like helpless little girls that can't take care of themselves and it's having a negative impact on women in our society.


I am so with you, Judith. I'm always irked by that little girl look. And I found out the most horrible fact about myself. When I am listening or presenting, I tend to cock my head to one side. My image guru and lovely mentor tells me this is a little girl look harkening (sp?) back to when we would rest our heads on mommy's or daddy's shoulder. I'm working very hard not to do this any more. And no more of letting fashion magazines use my elongated and freakishly-slender body to superimpose the heads of well-known fashion models onto. :) Cheers.

Judith Rasband

Too funny, Dawn!

Isn't it amazing what little ticks we have while presenting and speaking to a group? Those habits are hard to kick, but certainly doable. Best of luck!

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